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RHS Theatre participates in Thespians—the national honors society for theatre students. Roosevelt Troupe 5832 is a 2019 Gold Honor Troupe with Washington State Thespians, and our students attend fall Thespian workshops, unified college auditions, Individual Events (IE) festivals for both performance and tech, the State Festival, and the International Thespian Festival.



Senior President: Maddie LaRue-Barton

  1. Responsible for all troupe communications and oversight including regularly reviewing officer duties described in the troupe constitution and bylaws, setting officer board and troupe meeting agendas, presiding at all officer board and troupe meetings, appointing all standing and special committees, and directing and supervising troupe activities.

  2. Verifies membership by checking Thespian point logs before induction and verifying event attendance records before awarding Honor Thespian status.

  3. Signs, when appropriate, all official induction certificates, proclamations, thank you letters, and written correspondence.

  4. Manages all troupe digital and social media communications as well as communicating with administration, State and International Thespian Officers, ASR, boosters, school board members, media outlets, legislators, donors, and other stakeholders related to troupe activities.

  5. Includes and mentors the Junior President in all of their duties, preparing them for their term as Senior President the following year.

Vice President: Mimi Wang 

  1. Presides in the absence of the Senior President and fulfils all of their duties described in the troupe constitution  and bylaws.

  2. Responsible for maintaining a culture of inclusiveness in the troupe.

  3. Chairs the board committees that organize, setup, and tear down troupe-based events including the Welcome Picnic, Induction Ceremony, and other inclusion events.

  4. Distributes and collects induction applications and fees in time of the Troupe Director’s deadline to process the information and pay new member dues to EdTA.

Secretary: Marcel Sezgin 

  1. Keeps accurate records, motions, vote results, and discussion topics at board and troupe meetings, publishing minutes to the troupe Google Drive folder. 

  2. Attends to physical troupe records, materials, and honor items, providing them as needed at troupe meetings and events and putting them away.

  3. Maintains organization of point logs, induction certificates, and event sign-in sheets.

  4. Works with the Senior President to give the Troupe Director a shopping list of honor items including stars, bars, and honor cords in time for the final troupe meeting of the year, Senior Showcase, and commencement ceremonies.  

  5. May serve on any of the event committees

Treasurer: Josie O'Neill

  1. Serves as the troupe business manager, assisting the Troupe Director with the business of Thespian trips, off-campus events, Trick-Or-Treat-So-Kids-Can-Eat (TOTS), Regional Individual Events, and State Festival.

  2. Helps the Troupe Director count money, write deposit slips, facilitate fundraising materials, gear sales, and other troupe business-oriented tasks as they arise.

  3. Helps drive participation in off-campus events and works with the Troupe Director to facilitate permission slips, payments, and bus attendance on the day of trips and events.

  4. Chairs the TOTS committee, organizing neighborhood teams, collecting food donations, and coordinating delivery to a local food bank.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officers: Mikayla Sanchez, Marcel Sezgin, & Ella Molinaro 

  1. Collaborate with Thespian Board and Directors to address and dismantle systems that create and maintain racial inequalities
  2. Support students of color within our theatre community
  3. Host monthly meetings for theatre students of color

At Large Officers:

Junior President: Makelle Lindsey

Treasurer Assistant: Maia Tuttle

VP Assistant: Ruby Ozretich 

Tech Liaison: Elise Cottington  

  1. Prepare and submit the Honor Troupe application to WA State Thespians, which includes documentation in the form of photos, programs, social media screenshots, and other evidence of troupe participation in state events, community service, and other honorable activities.  The Honor Troupe application serves as a scrapbook (physical or digital) of the year’s Roosevelt news clippings, posters, programs, production dates, casts, crews, photos etc.

  2. Present at a fall troupe meeting information about EdTA’s Theatre in our Schools Month, Next Generation Works opportunities, scholarships, and awards for teachers, administrators, and volunteers.  

  3. Present at a winter troupe meeting (in advance of State Festival registration) information about opportunities to get involved at State including STO applications, scholarship auditions, Short Film IE’s, and State Festival STO initiatives.

  4. Present at a spring troupe meeting community service opportunities such as Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids or a Theatre In Our Schools advocacy campaign.

  5. Each of the four At Large Officers directly shadows or assists one of the executive officers with their duties:

    1. The Junior President shadows the Senior President, taking notes in preparation for their term as Senior President the following year.  .

    2. The Tech Liaison assists the Secretary as well as coordinates with the Troupe Director, board, and other tech leaders in the troupe to make sure tech students are up to date about events, included in communications, and invited to participate in troupe and show-related activities. The Tech Liaison will increase tech student participation in inductions, tech I.E.’s, and tech events at State Festival.

    3. The remaining two At Large Officers directly assist the Vice President and Treasurer.

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