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Dear Roosevelt Students,


Between Dramafest, Musical Production, Play Production, Winter Production, and our class productions (Roughwriters in Playwriting, Variety Show in Theatre Advanced, and The Book-It Show in Narrative Theatre), our department offers many performing opportunities. While the class productions automatically involve everyone taking the class, our other shows require auditions.


First and foremost, a director casts according to the demands of the show.  Some shows require huge dancing ensembles, other shows have a large number of leads but no one "main character." Some shows need people with an unusually strong command of language or singing ability; we even did a show where everyone had to be able to swim!  Somebody with a lead in one production may not fit any role in the next. Luck plays a big part, unfortunately.


During the audition and callback process, we assess the student’s unique talent and fit for a given role as it pertains to the needs and vision for the production.  When there's more than one person who could fit a role, we take into consideration an actor's character (grit, zest, gratitude, etc...), 21st century skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication) and level of theatre training demonstrated in the department at large.  There is no "right path" to getting a part in a Roosevelt show.  Just keep working hard and be the type of artist and person you would want to work with.


Just as colleges, Broadway, and other professional regional theatres are diversifying their understanding of who can “fit” in what roles, Roosevelt Theatre will make a concerted effort to include students of ALL backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, body types, sexual orientations, and physical, linguistic, and mental abilities.  None of these characteristics will prohibit an individual from consideration for a certain role—many are actually assets to a role or a production.


Everyone is encouraged to audition for Dramafest, Winter Production, and the Musical & Play Production classes—regardless of previous experience.  Completing Theatre Beginning or teacher approval is required to take the more advanced theatre courses that produce The Variety Show, The Book-It Shows, and Roughwriters--otherwise, all of our other productions have no pre-requisite!  For more information about audition requirements and material, please download and read the audition notices and packets available on our homepage as they become available.


If you don’t get cast, we encourage you to take and keep taking theatre classes and to consider one of the many dozens of critical behind-the-scenes roles we need to fill.  Thank you for your interest and participation in the Roosevelt Theatre Department—it’s a big tent and there’s a place for everyone!

Our protocol around casting is as follows:

1. Prepare your audition & fill out a packet found in theatre hallway.

2. Audition!

3. Check the audition board the day following for Callback List. 

4. If called back, attend Callbacks! If not, do not assume you are not cast. 

5. When the cast list is posted, do your best to be aware of others around you. Some will be happy, some will be disappointed. If you are happy with your news, what can you do to support others around who are not? If you are disappointed with your role or not getting cast, we suggest making plans with friends to distract yourself, start looking for your next project and turn to your family/friends for support and comfort. 

6. After two weeks, all students are encouraged to ask us for feedback at an appropriate time (lunch is usually best). A great way to start this conversation is "What can I improve on?" We will take you through your scores, any written feedback and general ideas we have for improving your singing, acting, dancing, collaboration, work ethic etc. 

7. Once you have received feedback, keep working, taking class and showing up!  




bStuW and Gronk



Audition packets are posted for

download on the homepage.


Sign-ups are posted outside

Rm. 154 (Black Box).

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