Dance 1 - Introduction to Dance

Designed for the student with little to no prior movement experience, this class will teach the basic principles of movement: space, time, shape, and effort through Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre and other dance forms. Students will learn dance terminology, technique, and choreography skills all while developing an appreciation for dance as an art form.  Students must purchase own shoes.

(No prerequisite)

Theatre 1 - The Theatre Experience ("For the Curious")

Introduction to Acting teaches creative and improvisational performance and scenework, with units in vocal and physical characterization as well as stage composition. In addition, students will study the art of musical theatre through contemporary examples. The course will culminate in the performance of final acting scenes with applied feedback. Throughout the course, students will critique performances and evaluate materials studied and performed. Individuals are considered separately, but ninety percent of the work is group-oriented.


(No prerequisite)

Theatre 2 - Acting Foundations ("For the Serious")

Theatre 2 emphasizes characterization and blocking in scenework as well as directing and acting for the One Act play. Introduction to play analysis and research are an essential part of this course. Special attention to the audition process with monologue preparation will be studied as well. Semester work culminates with a class performance project for an audience during class time. Note: Students must be self-motivated to work in small groups as well as open to individual critique.


(No Prerequisite)

Theatre 3 - Special Topics

​Theatre 3 will include exploring special forms and styles of the theatre, with specialists in a variety of topics including improv, pantomime, stage make-up, combat, creative drama, etc. This class is partnered with Seattle Children’s Theatre and other professional teaching artists and will culminate in a Variety Show Performance as well as creative drama outreach sessions with nearby elementary schools.


(Prerequisite: Theatre 2 or Permission if a Senior. Theatre 3, 6, & 8  may be taken out of sequence)

Theatre 4/5 - Theatre History & Script Analysis

​Theatre 4/5 is a Language Arts Option credit for Juniors and Seniors.   Students will learn how to be theatre scholars by surveying theatre history and reading exemplar scripts from a variety of periods and cultures.  The will learn fundamentals of playscript analysis, including structure, theatrical contracts, character arcs, and creating a production concept. 


(No Prerequisite)

Theatre 6 - Book-It

Development of drama and theatre in its various forms, specifically the Book-It style. This class partners with Book-It Theatre for the first seven-eight weeks during which advanced acting techniques will be taught while adapting, rehearsing and performing short stories/dramatic literature. Continued work on vocal, physical and imaginative skills will be emphasized. Advanced theory and practice of stage direction including selection of play casting, blocking and production of short stories in the Book-It style will be the primary focus of the last eight weeks of the semester.


(Prerequisite: Theatre 2 or Permission if a Senior. Theatre 3, 6, & 8 may be taken out of sequence)

Theatre 7 - Directing

Students select and produce short plays, learning the basic elements of directing and leadership.  Topics include script analysis, collaboration with designers, casting processes, scheduling, table work, blocking, and creating an ensemble.  The class culminates in producing the annual Dramafest Festival of One Act Plays.


(Prerequisite: Theatre 2 plus at least one of either Theatre 3, 6, or 8, and Application/Interview. Seniors only.  OcEd & Elective credit available)

Theatre 8 - Playwriting

This class offers the opportunity to work in close partnership with Seattle Children’s Theatre as writers and performers. Students will have the opportunity to learn the craft of playwriting and then workshop these pieces under the guidance of professional artists in Seattle. The class culminates with the Roughwriters show--a final performance of original student work.


(Prerequisite: Theatre 2 OR Permission if a Senior. Theatre 3, 6, & 8 may be taken out of sequence)

Theatre 9 - Play Production

Auditions for this first semester Play Production class happen in the spring of the year before and are open to anyone who has completed Theatre 2.  This class will present one or two mainstage productions, with most rehearsals happening in class until tech begins after school.  While the class is repeatable, students must audition each year as the type and number of roles available is dependant on the needs of the production(s) themselves.


(Prerequisite: Theatre 2 and Audition.)

Theatre 10 - Musical Production

Auditions for this second semester Musical Production class happen before winter break and are open to anyone in the school, regardless of previous experience.  This class will present the annual Spring Musical mainstage production, with most rehearsals happening in class until around March when after school rehearsals are added.  While the class is repeatable, students must audition each year as the type and number of roles available is dependant on the needs of the production.


(No Prerequisite. Audition open to all.)

Professional Theatre Exploration

This class is offered to advanced students in both Theatre Tech and Performance.  Students learn the skills required to become theatre professionals including auditions, networking, resume skills, advanced training, theatre management, marketing, and adminstration.  Completing an Individual Project is a slo requirement for this course.  See Tech page for Project documents.


(OcEd & Elective credit available)

Important Documents for ALL Theatre Classes
Performance  Individual Events (IE)

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